Robi Decking has been proud to support outdoor learning spaces since our early days. This includes local child day cares, elementary schools (public and private), and some of the leading public and private universities in the USA. Let’s look at the emerging real wood trend in outdoor learning spaces.

Projects have ranged our entire product spectrum including decking, pavers, garden boxes, and palisades — which are especially popular in custom playgrounds.

The Covid-19 pandemic sped up one trend that had already started: more learning moving outside in nature, in the fresh air, under the sun.

The other trend is to use real wood, moving away from plastics, metals and other human made materials.

Studies have concluded that wood has soothing aesthetic design that helps with:

  • Improved emotional state, and self-expression.
  • Improved air quality by moderating humidity, encouraging easier breathing.
  • Feelings of warmth and comfort.
  • Lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels.

Wood is the earth’s only renewable building material.

At Robi Decking, our outdoor wood products are perfect to facilitate the education move to the outdoors.  Our products are all from naturally occurring domestic born species, naturally rot-resistant, naturally insect-resistant, with zero added chemicals.  Wood that outlasts chemically treated wood.  We only supply quality wood that is beautiful with less maintenance required than any other outdoor building material.

Through 2021 Robi is committed to helping facilitate and fund the move to outdoor classrooms and the expansion of outdoor playgrounds. We are excited to announce that we are offering 10% off our entire product line for any educational outdoor use.  We want to see all kids and students enjoying school and enjoying the outdoors. This is our small way of helping to make this a reality.  We will also be giving away $10,000 of free products in the state of North Carolina to projects designed by landscape architects for public schools.  If you want to take advantage of either offer, please email our sales team at sales@robidecking and let us know about your project and material needs.

In the meantime, please check out our project photo gallery of parks, playgrounds and outdoor learning spaces.